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San Diego sedation dentistry

It used to be that all that was available for pain and anxiety relief at the dentist's office were nitrous oxide (laughing gas), pills, and oral numbing injection. Now, with kids getting early interventions and with adults having more complicated visits, including maxillofacial procedures at the restorative and cosmetic dentistry offices, much more powerful sedation dentistry is available.

As dentistry moves away from simple procedures like fillings, cleanings and even tooth extractions into the realm of cosmetic and restorative dentistry, so does the need for more advanced sedation increase. It is important that dentists put their clients at ease about their pain management during these longer, more advanced procedures with more extensive sedation options.

This includes sleep dentistry, with general anesthesia administered to put the patient completely under.

Sedation Dentistry in San Diego

Here is an overview of the kinds of options you have, when they are most often used, and how much of the experience you will remember.

Oral Sedation

This is one of the most popular methods of sedating a patient for dental procedures. Pills like Xanax or Valium are used. While it doesn't necessarily make the patient unconscious, it often relaxes them into a slumber. Should they stay awake, they will be in a very relaxed and pain-free state.

IV Sedation Dentistry

This is the perfect middle ground for longer-taking or more painful dental procedures, including crown placements, root canals, tooth extractions and dental implants. The dentist administers a relaxation-inducing medicine directly into a catheter hooked up to the patient’s veins.

IV sedation is the perfect option for someone who has a very bad gag reflex, tends not to be numbed easily by regular injections to the treatment site or is generally very fearful of dental procedures because of bad past experiences. In that case, having such a patient ‘under’ is a benefit to both dentist and patient.

It is also fairly simple for the dentist to adjust the level of sedation rather quickly, as the drug in the IV hits the patient's blood instantly. The effect of relaxation and lack of sensation is almost immediate. This is great for patients who wish to remain semi-conscious for their visit, with none of the physical discomfort and little memory of their procedure.

General Anesthesia

This is for the patient who wants to remain unconscious for their dental procedure. It is mostly reserved for the more complicated surgical-type interventions. Since going under comes with risks, the patient is heavily monitored during any procedure that requires general anesthesia.

The dentist must him/herself possess a general anesthesia license that is renewed and current, or have someone at their office that does.

Procedures that require reshaping the jaw or facial structures are best suited to general anesthesia. The patient feels nothing and will remember nothing of the surgery.

Numbing Solutions

For the gums themselves, there is topical anesthesia (a numbing gel) and injectable anesthesia through Novocaine. The topical anesthesia is for very minor work, as it does not last long and needs to be reapplied constantly for longer procedures.

Lidocaine, the topical cream, is a great option for people with a fear of needles, as Novocaine must be administered by needle. It is also fantastic for people with the wish for the minimum of pain interventions--although there should never be shame on the patient for asking for the next step up in pain management during any particular treatment.

The injectable Novocaine is what is most often used for any and all procedures from fillings and onward. This numbs the area of the teeth, gums and jaws that is being worked on for hours. Even when a patient has other forms of sedation to ease their anxiety, they most often still have a numbing solution applied to the actual site of work as well.

If you would like to schedule a dental appointment at an office that truly caters to your comfort with various degreesof sedation dentistry, call Dr. Salami at 1(858) 367-9540. Our San Diego/Rancho Bernardo area office is able to help with laser cleanings, tooth-colored fillings, teeth whitening, dentures, veneers, TMJ appliances, Invisalign, and much more.

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